And the winners are…


So the first contest of The “Coupon Hubby” has come and gone and I have to say that you ALL did an AMAZING job…

We have spread the word about The “Coupon Hubby” and shown almost 600 people in just a week’s time the type of savings that are possible if the intel is provided, the encouragement given, and the help is made available when needed. Now for some sites that have hundreds of thousands of members, 600 may seem like small potatoes, but understanding that all this started roughly 3 weeks ago from nothing but an idea that I wanted to help people (and a REALLY big glass of Mountain Dew to help me stay awake through the night to put it all together), that it is being run completely by myself as I’m able (hence the 4am postings), and basically has tripled in size in a week’s time because of YOUR voices…WOW!!!

We have members that have never seriously couponed before saving upwards of $50 – $100/weekly already, and other members that were dabbling in the effort looking at shopping in a whole new light now – this is truly incredible and things are just beginning…

In short – it was a collective effort and all I can say is a sincere and humble “Thank You” to all that chose to participate and to share…you all ROCK!!!

For those that didn’t win this time (I hate this part by the way), please know that I will be running contests monthly so this is by no means a “one time thing”. Each contest will be different, and the prizes will grow as the site grows and funds avail themselves at greater levels…so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t get discouraged.


That said…the winners of the first contest are:

Molly Clark Harris


Wendy Conner Russell

Many congratulations to you both!!!


If you will each email me your address, I will send you the coupon booklets won ([email protected]).

Again, while there were only two “contest winners“, I hope those that didn’t win the contest this time have still found some AWESOME savings and have already started saving money on your weekly grocery bills by coming here, and that you will continue to look to this site for your savings deals. And who knows…the next contest (entitled “greater than me“) is only a few weeks away…


Shawn (The “Coupon Hubby”)


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  1. THANKS SO MUCH TO MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!! WOOT!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on those coupons!!!! lol.

    I hope we all appreciate and let The Coupon Hubby who helps us all SAVE SO MUCH MONEY!!!! He has a family too and God Bless Them for allowing him to share his time with us!!!! Thank you MRS. COUPON HUBBY!!!!

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