Walmart to start doubling coupons?

So apparently a couple stores are putting into test pilot the idea of coupon doubling.  They are as follows:

  • Madison, Ohio
  • Charleston, West Virginia
  • Utah County, Utah ( 7 Walmarts are doubling)
  • Huntington, West Virginia
  • Wayne, West Virginia
  • Findlay, Ohio

So apparently the rules at current are as follows (though nothing is in writting…yet):

1. They are doubling all MFG (ONLY) coupons up to $.99. That means $.75 is worth $1.50.

2. They are price matching AND using double coupons in WV

3. You must present each coupon with the item you are buying as they are doubling manually and must adjust the individual item, they cannot adjust the total.

4. Limits are as stated on the coupon (no limit stated means no limit)

WOW – Here’s hoping their testing is successful and they blow this out to all their locations – if we thought we were getting things for pennies on the dollar now…doubling coupons could mean that we start getting paid to take groceries out of the store on a regular basis!!!  Now what that will mean to local competitors as well as the industry competition as a whole…obviously that will have ramifications, but in a time where people are trying to survive…what are your thoughts?

Thanks for the heads up I Heart The Mart (and to Kianne for the info)

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    • christy on August 2, 2011 at 10:48 am
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    I just hope it doesn’t get abused by extreme couponers. When people start abusing it, like they do on that stupid show, it hurts the average coupon user. I feel like that show has had a really negative effect on couponing. It’s brought more attention to coupons, but most of the major stores have now changed their coupon policies (in ways that hurt the couponers) since the show started. It will only take a couple of people going in there and walking out with the store and it’ll be done!

  1. I would SOOOO HEART THE MART if that were to happen. As it is now, I really don’t like the hassle of going there. lol.

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