Brita: The Rebate Status…

UPDATE: Brita has now said they will honor the rebates… 🙂

As everyone recalls, Brita had an incredible deal this past week where you could purchase the filter and get a $10.00 rebate.  Apparently they are not honoring them anymore.  Their reasoning (according to the posting above from their Facebook page) is because “all rebate supplies have been exhausted”.

On further searching, in seems that there are several blogger sites that, instead of posting the link to the .pdf rebate, uploaded the .pdf to their site so that their readers could pull from the blogger site instead of legally going to the Brita site, so Brita, after hitting the max allotted and pulling the rebate down lost control of how many rebates that were out in circulation legally.  As such, they are no longer honoring the rebate.

I have reviewed my postings of the matchups I posted for the deal to confirm to myself that they were done in the appropriate manner and was pleased and reassured that I did do it the correct way.  They can be found here:

CVS: Deals of the Week (1/15 to 1/21)
Walgreens: Deals of the Week (1/15 to 1/21)
Brita Water Pitcher: FREE + $5.03 OVERAGE (A Walmart matchup)
Brita Pitcher: $0.99 (A Walgreens matchup)

As you can see, in each case, the link for the rebate takes you to the Brita site as is the way it is legally supposed to be done.  That said, I obviously am now a victim as a many that has a filter and has already sent the rebate form, and who, if the Brita posting is accurate, will not be getting a rebate.

So…if you had planned to get the rebate and have not filed it yet – DON’T as at this point, it is their stance that they will not honor it.  This may change in the future, but that’s uncertain at this point.  If you want to take it back to the store for your refund, then that would be advised as I’m not sure how this will play out over the next days and weeks…

If you are like me and already have mailed in the form, your only recourse (if you can’t return it to the store without a receipt) is to file a complaint, not that it will get you your money back, but maybe if enough voices are raised, action will be taken.

While I am frustrated with Brita personally that they are not honoring the flood of rebates that are hitting their doors, I can’t blame them entirely if they provided a pdf on their site for a certain number of prints and then pulled it once it was maxed.  If a blogger site made the rebate available beyond the boundaries of when it was supposed to be in accordance with the manufacturer, that would be paramount to posting pictures of print coupons so that we all could print them, ignoring the intent of the manufacturer for the coupon (or in this case, the rebate).

Regardless…we are where we are and we’ll figure a way to make it right for each other, and hopefully several lessons will be learned from this experience…

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