Act of Valor: Walmart Blue Ray Movie Promotion

If you were thinking about seeing the new movie Act of Valor, and didn’t score the FREE movie ticket from this promotion I had posted, then you’ll want to swing by Walmart and check out this great deal.  Select any of these Blue Ray DVD’s for only $10 and get $7.50 FREE Movie Cash to see Act of Valor (so better stated, for only $2.50 you get a Blue Ray DVD and a movie ticket!!!)

I had scored the freebie ticket but will definitely be grabbing one of these titles since it’s cheaper to grab a movie and get the movie ticket for “Mrs. Coupon Hubby” than to just hit the theater and pay full price with this deal!!!

The movies:

  • Independence Day
  • Man On Fire
  • Platoon
  • X-Men Original Wolverine
  • Live Free Or Die Hard
  • Master And Commander
  • Navy Seals
  • WindTalkers
  • Behind Enemy Lines
  • FlyBoys
  • Men Of Honor
  • Courage Under Fire
  • Valkyrie
  • Tigerland
  • Lions And Lambs
  • Hart’s War
  • X-Men
  • Rescue Dawn


Thanks, Fabulously Frugal in Florida

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    • Lindsay on March 13, 2012 at 11:00 am
    • Reply

    Is it only Blu Ray DVDs?

    1. That seems to be the indication based on the graphic that was available…I’ll be heading over today so if I see anything that indicates otherwise, I’ll update the post accordingly.

      The “Coupon Hubby”

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