Publix: 96.7% Savings on $231 Retail Cost

Well – I didn’t hit the 100% mark this week, so hopefully no one is overly disappointed, but I couldn’t resist the AWESOME Dr. Pepper promotion that was going on, coupled with some other goodies…

An update to the below regarding the Lays coupon issue can be found here: Lays Coupon Issue

NOTE:  NO ILLEGAL Lays Coupons were used in this purchase and any site promoting the usage of such is engaging in coupon fraud based on personal discussions with Frito-Lay and widespread notification of same.

UPDATE: Target just released a Nabisco $1.00/2 printable store coupon, so I look forward to printing off 7 of these and get $7.00 reimbursed!!!  Woo-Hoo!!!!



24 12-packs of various Dr. Pepper (B2G2 FREE Publix Promotion)
Used [8] B2G1 FREE Publix coupons (store)
Used [4] $1.00/1 Dr. Pepper 12-packs 6/24 SS (manufacturer)
Used [10] $1.00/2 Dr. Pepper 12-packs printable coupon (manufacturer)

16 Various Ritz Crackers (B1G1 FREE Publix Promotion)
Used [5] B2G1 FREE Ritz printable coupons (manufacturer)
Used [1] $1.00/1 Ritz Cracker coupon (savings are stocking up at Publix mailer) (store)

15 PowerAde
Used [10] FREE PowerAde coupons from (manufacturer)
Used B10G5 FREE PowerAde coupon from Yellow Advantage Flyer

4 Honest Tea (B1G1 FREE Publix Promotion)
Used [2] $1.25/2 Honest Tea Printable Coupons (manufacturer)

2 Snausages (B1G1 FREE Publix Promotion)
Used B1G1 FREE Printable Coupon (manufacturer)

2 Planters Peanut Butter (2/$4.00 Publix Promotion)
Used [2] $1.00/1 Planters Product, (exp. 8/31) 6/24 SS (manufacturer)

2 Heinz Tomato Ketchup (B1G1 FREE Publix Promotion)
Use [2] $0.50/1 Heinz Tomato Ketchup 08/19 SS (manufacturer)
Use FREE Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, 10 oz, WYB 2 Heinz Tomato Ketchup, PUBLIX COUPON Publix Booklet, Toss 4 Cash (store)
Use $1.00/1 Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce coupon 08/05 SS (manufacturer)

2 Lays Wavy Potato Chip (B1G1 FREE Publix Promotion)
See articule above regarding the Lays coupon snafu and it’s current status…

Used [4] $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupons

Total Retail: $240.68
Total OOP: $15.20 $8.20 (updated because of the newly released Target Nabisco coupon)

TOTAL SAVINGS: $225.48 $225.48  (updated because of the newly released Target Nabisco coupon)
Percentage Savings: 93.7%  96.7% (updated because of the newly released Target Nabisco coupon)

Even with half this soda already donated (among other things), I believe that, along with the Quaker bars previously purchased, lunch box snacks for the kids are now covered through 2012 and soda will be off the “vertical shopping list” through at LEAST the end of the year…


The links to the coupons can be found here:  Publix: Deals of the Week (8/30 to 9/05)

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    • sheri on August 31, 2012 at 4:07 pm
    • Reply

    do you have a link concerning the fraulent Lay’s coupon? I want to make sure the ones I printed are okay.

    1. I (and several others here and on other boards) contacted Lays via email and phone and they responded to everyone saying that there were NO coupons that were distributed by Frito-Lay, specifically mentioning the now famous 3 printable coupons.

      That said, according to Frito-Lay, all of those coupons were fraudulent (unfortunately since they WERE awesome value coupons).

        • Susan on August 31, 2012 at 8:43 pm
        • Reply

        If you go to Coupon Networks facebook page – – they explain that the coupon is legit and will be reimbursed.

        1. I think this paragraph sums up the reason while, still available to print, I’m not going to use them:

          “So the final question is: is it the right thing to do, to use a coupon you may have printed from the Penny Pincher Gazette, knowing that it may be one of thousands that contain the exact same “unique” ID, and Frito-Lay or Coupon Network will be on the hook for potentially tens of thousands of dollars more than was budgeted for this coupon campaign? You will have to answer that question for yourself.”

          Each will make their own decision – I’m OK knowing that I didn’t add to the financial burden they are going to face because of an unfortunate technical glitch.

          I appreciate your bringing it to my attention so I could alert my readers and allow them to make their own decisions based on the latest intel.

          Shawn Thompson
          The “Coupon Hubby”

    • Kim on August 31, 2012 at 9:49 pm
    • Reply

    How did you use the free Worchestershire coupon? The 2 Heinz ketchup you have to buy to use it are not a size match!

    1. That was actually brought to my attention on Facebook (I hadn’t noticed the size boundaries when I picked it up but thought that the matchup was done intentionally by the store to promote a “pre-holiday weekend” savings). As there was a mismatch, I noted that next time I swing by the store I’ll be returning it so as to keep a pure relationship with my store and my coupons – honesty and integrity HAVE to be the foundations this is all built on.

      I’ve read on other sites where readers asked their respective Publix’ and they were fine with it even with the mismatch, but as the numbers don’t line up, I feel it best to return it accordingly.

      Shawn Thompson
      The “Coupon Hubby”

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