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2.) Coupon Collection – Where do you find them all?


One of the most commonly asked questions by people that see me in a check out aisle is, “so where do you get all your coupons“?

The most honest I can give is…”everywhere“.

But seriously, I have a single newspaper delivered on Sunday, I find various coupons through corporate Facebook pages, and then I usually traverse the web for the rest of the coupons I use. Now with the vastness of the web, that alone sounds like a daunting task, but that’s why I’ve created a site like this – to help you wade through the chaos. Between the deals that I’m hoping to bring to you coupled with my coupon database (which allows you to perform a simple search for any given product, returning all coupon locations), I think you’ll find that you will have access to a WIDE array of coupons, and as I am able to expand, I will continue to reach far and wide to provide AS MANY opportunities to save you money as I possibly can.

Too, to the right you will see links to online coupon coupon sites, as well as to a site where you can get clipped coupons.

I’ve been able to save a great amount in a short period of time and it’s time for me to give back…to “pay it forward” for all that I have learned.

So you’ve received your newspapers, and printed off dozens if not hundreds of coupons sitting in piles on your desk.

3.) Coupon Organization – How do I sort through this pile?


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  1. Cynthia

    I am new to couponing. I don’t feel like I save that much yet. I do need to keep going. I am unemployeed since June. My husband has become ill and hard for him to work. We have two daughters.
    Can anyone help me find more coupons? I was wondering if someone would do like a coupon swap. I send coupons to them they take what they can use, add some of what they have not used and send to another person and continue that

    I know that not every area get the same coupons each week or the same value. I have found that the values have gone down in my area.

  2. Deb

    I have a question, i coupon in Puerto Rico, here it is very hard to find coupons for Gatorade, Coca Cola, Pepsi, 7-Up, for tic tacs, for pasta etc…. Where can i find these coupons?

    1. Shawn (The 'Coupon Hubby')

      Those are tough coupons to find pretty much anywhere. I use MyCokeRewards and get coupons for Cokes and PowerAde (similar to Gatorade but since it’s distributed by Coke, they offer coupons by way of points over on MyCokeRewards as well).

  3. Deb

    Thank you so much for such quick response….I hear you, i do have a MyCokeRewards account (which i dont use but have..LOL) I will check there, i also purchase coupons online…and only pay $1 that’s not bad.

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