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9.) Expired Coupons – What now?!?

If you’re like me, then a great many of your coupons go unused and end up getting thrown away…

Did you know that our overseas soldiers are able to use those expired coupons for up to 6 months beyond the expiration date????

CouponsToTroops ( is looking to spread awareness about overseas military families being able to use coupons those expired coupons, and to take it one step further.  Their ultimate  goal to get coupons right into the hands of those military families as quickly as possible.   They have a growing list of military families on their contact list who are interested in receiving coupons and they will match up anyone requesting a military family to send their coupons to. To request a family, all anyone has to do is send an email to them at [email protected] and they will put you in touch with a military family.

By being paired directly with a military family, your coupons will get there quicker and you will know they are going into the hands of someone who wants (and needs) them!

This is an incredible opportunity to turn your trash into cash, and provide an incredible help to our brave men and women who are serving our country overseas!

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  1. Dana

    I’m from Guam and I could use those expired coupons. You can send them to me. I’ll send you my address if you’d like to send them my way! Thanks!

    1. Sherri

      Are you still in Guam? Do you still need the coupons? I hate throwing them away. Let me know 😉

      1. Kim Bedigan

        Hey, I would love to send you all my expired coupons!! Happy Holidays and God bless!!! 🙂

  2. Myra

    How fantastic! I just sent an email and looking forward to blessing someone else with the coupons I couldn’t use!

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