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Target: Store coupon vs. Manufacturer Coupon

So there’s been a LOT of confusion now that Target has started inter-mixing manufacturer coupons with their store coupons, and until recently, there has been little understanding (purposely btw) of which is which from merely looking at them. As such, many have been wasting paper and ink on coupons they can’t use.

Some of my readers had noted a couple different methods that have helped to identify the differences and figure’d it be about time to clear this mystery up “officially”.

If I am looking at a coupon from the Target website…like this one:

When I put my mouse right in the middle of the box and “right click”, a pop up menu appears.  Depending on the machine you are using and the operating system that is on your machine, varying options will appear.  Mine has the following:

For this machine/browser, I would select “View Image Info”.  Another machine/browser will have an option like “View Image in New Tab”, etc.  The whole idea is that you are trying  to see the properties of the graphic.

When you click on the view image (or View Image in New Tab, or image properties depending on your machine and browser), you will see the full web address of the image.

See where the arrow points…to the word “Target”? That lets me know that this particular coupon is a store-level Target coupon.

Now lets look at another coupon…like the one below:

When we right click THIS image within the coupon and select the menu item that allows us to view the image, we see the full address of that image:

When I see Abbott (or more exactly, the lack of ‘Target’) I know it’s a manufacturer coupon.


Hopefully that will help you save some paper and ink. 🙂

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