Jun 27

Target: Dial Soap (8 pack) ONLY $0.64!


Buy 1  8-pack of Dial for Men Soap $4.64
Use $4/1 Dial for Men 6 pk of soap or larger coupon 6/26 RP (regional?)
= $0.64!

Remember if they’re out, as this is a SERIOUS stockpile deal, get your Rainchecks and if you have a Walmart around – price match (not sure if you can use the image above as validation).

Thanks RainingHotCoupons

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Jun 27

McDonalds: Free smoothie (or lemonade)!!!


McDonalds has a new promotion going on – go here and click to get a free smoothie (or lemonade).

I know where I’ll going for lunch today!  (One for the meal, and one to take back to the office with me.)


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Jun 27

Family Dollar: Free Tic Tacs!!!


Just heard that Tic Tacs are priced at 65¢ at the Family Dollar and there was a 75¢ (or $1) coupon in the 6/12 RP.  If you have one in route, pick up a pack…or several – (Orange is my personal favorite).


Thanks Nearly Free Stuff

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Jun 27

JCPenny: $10 off $25 (No exclusions)

It looks like JC Penny is being quite generous…click here to get a $10 off $25 purchase (no exclusions – in accordance with the printed coupon of course)!!!

Valid from July 1 – July 4.

Don’t know how long this will last so get yours today!


Thanks Coupons on Caffeine



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Jun 27

Michaels: 40% off single regulary price item

MichaelsLast week it was 20% off your entire purchase and this week it’s 40% off a single (non-sale) item.

Go print yours out today and remember that you can use 1 coupon per person (our kids are often our “2nd and 3rd shoppers”) and you can use 1 coupon per person per day.

Have fun and get creative!!!


Thanks, CouponersUnited

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Jun 27

Facebook: Shout – Free samples

From the Shout Facebook site:

On Monday we will be revealing a new sample on our Facebook page. Click “LIKE” under the product photo in this album that you think will be the next free sample.

Shoot on over to the Shout Facebook site and see what that all mean…

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Jun 27

Suave Professionals: Free Product

If you go over to the Suave website and watch a series of videos, trying to identify the Suave Professionals hair from the Beauty shop professionals hair, you have a chance to win some FREE Suave Professionals product.  I did this probably about a month ago and they sent two coupons for free produce – what a deal!!!

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Jun 27

Amazon: 96 Poptarts going CHEAP!!!


Now this IS a great deal…96 Poptarts are going for $13.68 on Amazon.com right now (shipped).

You can opt for a one-time delivery for $16.09 or sign up for recurring for $13.68 (remember that you can cancel immediately after receiving them).

With the  way my kids eat these, 96 might actually  last a whole week – but for this price I may just have to get TWO batches!!


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Jun 27

Walmart: (Almost) Free Zyrtec



I had printed this one out previously for the CVS overage a couple weeks ago and now it looks like Walmart has a price that would all but make this free:

$5.27 for the 5 count package
$5 coupon is available for Zyrtec at Walmart site
Price = $0.27

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Jun 27

Arby’s: Free Roast Beef Sandwich

Stumbled across this one and wanted topass alongthe savings – it looks like if you sign up with Arby’s Extra Club, you will get a free Roast Beef Sandwich.

(And don’t forget when you’re there to save your receipt…on the back you can call in to give your opinion and get ANOTHER free one!!!)


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