In the beginning…

Too many people have watched certain TV shows and thought to themselves, “I will save thousands and pay nothing for groceries ever again” only to find that they don’t save “thousands” on day one.   Then the immediate rush quickly turns to outright discouragement.  That’s where someone like myself comes in…

See…I started a couple months ago with this whole “extreme couponing” thing, and in a VERY short amount of time, I’ve amassed a respectable (and reasonable) sized stockpile.  I have no need for 300 bottles of mustard, but when the local stores offer to give me body wash, or better yet, to pay me to take it out of the store, I have to admit, I’m “all in” for a few bottles.

So as a full time IT professional that also does work on the side as a photographer, as a devoted husband and father trying to provide for his family through a very rough financial recession, I had to figure out how to make it all work, and all the while, do it without sacrificing time with my family and my friends.  That was mandatory as my family is the most important part of my life.

And in only an hour a day’s time, I’ve found that delicate balance that keeps my shopping in check, that allows me to make savings upwards of 90%, and that allows me to not have it impact the family…much.

We all hit that “is it worth it” moment in the beginning, and so I started this blog in an attempt to help those out that need help get past that initial hurdle, past the part where you ask, “why didn’t I save $1,000 on day one” and into the groove of coupon shopping, a bit above the norm, but not as extreme that immediate therapy would be required.


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