Restaurant.Com: 80% off your total bill!!! Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250

OK so my wife and I did this a couple of weeks ago (and I was VERY skeptical since it was a new concept for me) but we were BLOWN AWAY. Our $115 bill cost us like $72!!!

Click the graphic above, or here to go to and find the restaurant you want and pick the level of savings you want…THEN MAKE SURE YOU PUT IN THE CODE “SUMMER”

Even at the lowest level of savings, you can get a $25 certificate for just $2!

(Note that if you get a $25 certificate, you have to spend $50 in the restaurant, but if you drop $50*, your first $25 is covered with only $2!!!!!)  This is ideal if you’re going with another couple…your half of the bill will be pretty much free (or be generous and share your findings).

*Tip is included in the bill automatically and part of that amount you have to spend – so don’t accidentally “double tip”

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