Kind: Free Snack Bars!!!


Here’s an chance to give back to the troops AND to give your friends a sweet treat  as well…

On or before July 5th, visit the Kind Snacks website and click on the “Accept This Mission” tab to enroll in July’s Kinding Mission.  After accepting this mission, you’ll have the opportunity to invite 2 of your friends via email to support this mission and they’ll each receive a FREE Kind Bar in return!*

July’s mission is simply to give a thank-you note to someone who protects you – this could be a local police officer, a member of the military, your spouse or significant other, or anyone who puts your safety first. If enough people accept this KINDING Mission, KIND will support and honor the men and women of the US military who devote their lives to protecting our nation at home and overseas. In addition to donating nearly half a million KIND bars to military bases across the country, KIND will partner with the Military Friends Foundation to host an unforgettable homecoming celebration later this month for soldiers returning home from service.

* Valid only for email addresses not yet registered in this month’s KINDING Mission acceptance list. Invitation must be sent to a recipient who has not received this offer from you or any other sender at any previous time. Valid only for shipping to United States and its territories.

Additional restrictions may apply.

Thanks Addict 2 Save

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