Amazon: Hanes Men’s 10-Pack Socks – (as low as) $8.00*

Now this is MY kind of deal because I can tear through some socks!!!

Amazon has a great deal on Hanes Men’s 10-pack socks right now…

You could just pay the $10 that the site initially promotes…and that would be a really good deal, but you can shave another 20% off that deal if you:

  • Sign up for 20% off Amazon Clothing Purchases
  • Check your email for the notification of discount (you will only be able to use it ONCE, so not sure if $2.00 is worth it…)
  • Place Hanes Men’s 10-Pack Classics Cushion Ankle Socks in your cart.
  • Enter the code for your discount.
  • Pay $8.00 for your $10.00 socks!

Remember that shipping is free when you spend $25 or more at Amazon, so you may want to get a couple packages so the money is spent on socks and not shipping?



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