Facebook: High Value Coupon for Oscar Mayer Selects!

Go to the Oscar Mayer Facebook page, “like” them, and share your “TASTE-a-MONIAL” of Oscar Mayer Selects. You will then get a coupon which will be sent after 8/15!

Now here’s the good part – The coupon value will depend on how many people leave their TASTE-a-MONIALs all the way up to a FREE package coupon!

It’s at $1.50 right now so far.

(You’ll receive an email when your coupon is ready (after 8/15).)

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    • Molly on July 15, 2011 at 4:46 pm
    • Reply

    The value is up to $2.50 now. I bet we get some free hotdogs out of this deal!

    1. Oh you can almost guarentee it…LOVING IT!!!

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