And the “Wouldn’t it be ‘grand’…” winner is…

A few words from the heart if you have the time…

First let me say that it’s not really about the number (but I couldn’t resist the play on words being the playful wordsmith that I am).  As you that have been here since the beginning (a whopping two months ago) know, I started this because I felt a calling to take what I had learned from many of the wonderful people online and share it with as many as I possibly could, but to take it a step further.  This was about seeing how many lives I could touch, how many people could I help save, and how many families I could assist in any way possible…this was the reason “The Coupon Hubby” was started.

This site and its endeavors is my “pay it forward” for everyone that chooses to ‘like’ the site and chooses to endure my persistant postings day and night (in an almost spam-like capacity) to ensure that if there is a deal to be had, you have access to it quickly.  I’m sure it puts a few people off that I post so much, and I’m confident that I’ve lost some readers because of it (or at least put on ‘ignore‘ by a few), but when I see people scooping up even the most obscure freebies I post I think to myself…it’s benefiting THESE people so why would I do it any other way?  Only post items that generate income for myself like a great many sites out there…that’s not what it’s all about, so that’s not the way I choose to run it.

As the site (hopefully) grows and matures, I don’t want to change the way and the reason this was founded in the first place:

  • It’s personal:  I like the idea that I communicate personally with each of you that has a question, and usually do so in hours if not minutes.  Too, as I do the work on the site, you are certain about who’s doing the talking.  I’m not hiring people to do that which I set forth to do…it’s my charge not to be outsourced to a stranger that’s doing it solely for the money.
  • It’s helpful: I love the idea that you are beginning to work together and assist each other with questions and suggestions.  It’s a fact that by helping each other, we can all save more.
  • It’s paying it forward: I am floored by the responses I get when I find a cause that we can help with and look forward to doing more of that.  Know that I’m not asking anyone to do anything that I’m not willing to do myself, and I will never ask you to give beyond what you are able, or feel obligated in any way to do so.  I just think that if we analyze some of the gifts we’re given (be it coupons we may not use, or product that we may get for free) that we have the capacity to help our unknown and unseen brother or sister, just as I’m giving my all nightly to try to help every one of you.
  • It’s positive: And I absolutely love the idea that thus far there have been ZERO negative comments or “politics” about a couponer on the site – I pray that it stays that way.

Thank you ALL for that.

But I could ramble on as some of you well know…it is truly ‘grand’ that we hit the 1,000 mark and as such, the contest has come to an end.  And so this is what you came for…

The winner of the $100 debit card is:  Lisa Burnside Smith

And just because I felt like saying a warm and special thank you to everyone that endured my persistant posting of the contest, throwing it up on  the wall repeatedly, I decided to do TWO additional $25 drawings even though we missed the deadline by a couple days…

The winners of the $25 debit card are:  Jami Goldschmidt & Sheila Niles Fulmer

Many congratulations to the winners!!!  If you didn’t win this round, please don’t give up hope.  Trust me, we’re going to have more contests (large and small) where you can win coupons and cash (and gift cards as well).  Obviously the contest prizes only get bigger and more frequent by getting more site audience and traffic, so please continue to encourage people to come to “The Coupon Hubby” and I’ll keep doing all I can to work day and night to try and find you all as many ways to save as I possibly can.

Thank you all for your audience – you are AWESOME!!!
The “Coupon Hubby”




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