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Use the graphic above, or this link to go to the website.

So here’s the deal – you find your favoriate local restaurant, get a $25 coupon and MAKE SURE BEFORE YOU PAY TO USE THE CODE “HOTYour OOP is in most cases only $2.00 – an 80% savings from their normal discount!!!

Now you go to the restaurant and spend $45 (including tip) for your meal.

When the waiter/waitress comes over, you hand them the $25 coupon (that you paid $2.00 for) and you get an updated bill, $25 cheaper (and remember, the tip is calc’d in the bill).

So if you spent $45 at the restaurant, you’re out the door for $22 ($20 at the restaurant, $2 for the coupon) – Over 50% off your bill!!!  HOW CAN YOU PASS THAT UP???

Hurry, the offer ends August 16th.

Got mine, and now to call for reservations for me and “Mrs. Coupon Hubby”… 🙂


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