Visine: High Value (and CVS Gas Card Idea)

OK, I hadn’t posted this one “officially” yesterday because it required access to 5 computers which is not very common…but now with this new  column, only three computers are required (and actually, you can get it pretty close with just two, so I’m throwing it up now).

Right now at CVS if you spend $30 in many products (see ad) you can get a free $10 gas card.  One of those items is Visine.

There was a $3/1 coupon I posted yesterday:  $3/1 Visine coupons
Here’s a new $2/1 coupon here:  $2/1 Visine coupon

Visine Original is $3.99 and is BOGO 50% off – so that means two would be $5.98.

So…if you were to buy 10, your total cost would be $30.  (So then you’d be eligible for your free gas card).


if you had access to 5 computers you could simply print out 10 of these ($3/1 Visine coupons) and you’d get them for free…

but now you can print out coupons from two different sources on the same computer and get to 10 coupons faster.

$3/1 Visine coupons * 2 machines gets you 4 coupons
$2/1 Visine coupon * 2 machines gets you 4 coupons

That will almost get you to the $30 you  need, so see what you can use to get to that figure, and then use the coupons to drive the price back down…


(Or if you just want to make it easy, you can check the travel sections of Target, Walmrt, etc. and probably get it for free.)  🙂



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