Walgreens: Gatorade – ROLLING FREEBIES!!!

Here’s the deal – Buy 1 of the g2 bottles (16 oz) – it should be about 1.79 (I understand the 20 oz bottle will work as well).

The machine will spit out a Free G1 and G3 catalina (pictured)

Redeem your free G1 and G3…and ANOTHER will spit out – yes it rolls as long as you want to pay tax.

I personally just got one of each of the flavors so I could try them for free, so be kind to other couponers…



Thanks WildForWags

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    • Jack on August 26, 2011 at 12:17 pm
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    i tried this last night and it did print one but i tried to use the one it printed on another and the cashier said it wouldnt print another cause i used the coupon on the first one
    ? is this tru or was she wrong cause i was only able to get two for 1.79?

    1. The cashier was wrong – I spun through three of them (one of each flavor) only paying tax for each subsequent transaction.

      That said, normally that would be the case b/c you can’t use an RR for an item that is spitting out an RR, but based on the fact that I think this was Walgreens way of emptying “soon to expire” inventory (as most of it had an expiration date of just a few days away), they let it roll…

      The “Coupon Hubby”

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