In Remembrance…

I hesitated on writing this message ever since it was originally started just after midnight, not sure the appropriateness of a non-coupon related message on a site like this…not certain how it would be taken. I sat in my truck this morning after my standard Sunday morning shopping visit, quite literally minutes before the tragedy 10 years ago today and was immediately taken back in time.

I was at the dentist, paying for my bill when the reception cried out “oh my God”, and I glanced at the television set to see the results of a plane impacted into the twin tower. We all sat glued to the small office black and white wondering if it was an accident, and only a few minutes later when a second plane hit…we knew it wasn’t.  I raced home on the phone with my wife, getting her to turn on the TV and tell me what the status was.  I never felt more helpless, my country under attack, and me simply wondering what I could do to come to her aid as she had done for me so many times in the past.

Since that horrific day my wife and I have been blessed with two amazing children (obviously in the picture above, taken by myself for a 4th of July shoot a while back) and we have since visited the sites in Washington and Pennsylvania, explaining to the two what happened, but it never really hit me that we have been at war over that dreadful day almost as long as they have both been alive, since before our son was born.  The war has been alive longer than he has, and that is truly staggering…

To those who lost loved ones – know that our prayers are with you and we still mourn your loss.  To the first responders, those than ran in as everyone ran out – your acts of heroism are legendary and you are not honored enough for all that you do daily. For our soldiers and their loved ones that have fought the good fight all these many years – your sacrifice for our safety is something that we will never take for granted.  We are forever in your debt.

Take a moment today as you plan your standard shopping and couponing ventures, living through the normal course of the day and remember for a moment what this day means in your lives and in the lives of your children. If you happen to see a first responder or a soldier, make an effort to shake their hand and thank them, as I’ve taught my children to do.  We are so very blessed to have people that sacrifice their very lives for our freedoms and this is something that should never be taken for  granted.  This is something no cowardly act of terrorism will EVER take away from this great nation.

God bless,
The “Coupon Hubby”

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