Tide: Upcoming Walmart OVERAGE ALERT

UPDATE: According to the Tide, this is not a valid matchup because their single use size is not distributed from P&G, but instead, from another company. 

Here’s what Tide stated in the comment section on their Facebook Wall:
The coupon does not have a size restriction and is valid on all Tide detergent that is distributed by Procter & Gamble. The single use packets are not distributed by P&G and therefore the store reserves the right to choose not to accept the coupon on that item. I hope this helps with any confusion.

As you saw from my posting yesterday, there will be a P&G coupon that is $2/1 (without a size restriction)…

Since I don’t use Tide, I’ll be looking to pick up the $0.97 “sample size” and use the $1.03 overage to knock something else in my cart down in cost…

Thanks Coupon Connections!

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