Contest: Cash AND Coupons (11/28)

So I ran the “double double” contest a bit ago and it was wildly successful in introducing people to the site so they could learn to save for themselves and to help pay it forward to others, so I thought I would run it again in the hopes we can show MANY more people to save money…

Contest:  “Double-Double”

This is the “double double” contest because there will be (at least) TWO winners and TWO prizes…that’s right – the winners will win cash AND coupons!!!

The Rules:

1.) For each person that posts the following link on their FB Wall, you will get your name added to “the hat” one time.

To get credit, all you need to do is “like” The Coupon Hubby and then post the link to this giveaway as your Facebook Status!!
Use this link:
*** Then, leave a comment below letting me know you did.

2.) Now for more chances to win:

For every person that is added to The Coupon Hubby Facebook site that posts {your name} ” told me to come” (or some variance therein, letting me know that YOU are their referral) you will your name added to the hat – EACH NEW PERSON GETS YOU ANOTHER CHANCE TO WIN. *** Make sure they told me YOU brought them so you can get credit for each and every one!!! ***

The Prizes:

2 sets of coupon booklets for the week (unclipped and in their entirety) & a $20 cashier’s check for each of the winners.

The Duration:

The contest will go until this coming Saturday night (11/28 – 12/03)…


If we get to more than 1,750 members…there will be 3 prize names pulled.

If we get to more than 1,800 members…there will be 4 prize names pulled.


The one with the most referrals will AUTOMATICALLY win!


The Fine Print:

Please Note: If your name is in the hat multiple times, you can only win once – so…the more tickets, the greater chance you have of getting your name picked, but once you’re picked, you are ineligible to win again if we have two drawings in the contest.

The Final Notes:

If anyone has questions please feel free to ask. We’ve done so much good so far, saving for our families and taking it to the next level to reach out and provide to others…lets see how we can continue to spread the word about saving money and helping others, and then get people here together so we can ALL save money and share tips together, working as a team to make a difference for as many as possible.

The “Coupon Hubby”

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  1. I LIKED your FB and posted your website on my Wall – im also gonna do a Tweet about your website –

    Thanks for helping us working Moms by condensing the info, also, If you Follow Me on twitter @hwilson2009 I have quite a few Coupon junkies that I follow for contests and coupons on a weekly/daily basis

    Good Luck and Thanks Again!


    • Aleah Levinson on November 30, 2011 at 8:20 am
    • Reply

    I shared and liked! Thanks for all that you do!

    • Laura on November 30, 2011 at 8:35 pm
    • Reply

    Posted on my wall. Best of luck to all. =o)

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