The New Facebook Look & Feel…

As you noticed a couple days ago, I switched TCH site from the former style to start using the Timline. There was a reason for that. On March 31 every business page will be required to switch to the new timeline for pages SO, and so I wanted to jump in with both feet before we were thrust into it.

With new change comes obviously trepidation, as well as missed postings (which means missed savings). We don’t want that, so check this out:

Take your mouse and hover over the box that says “liked”. Underneath where it says New List, you’ll see where you can check to see their updates in your news feed. Voila! You’ll see all your favorite pages again in your news feed!!

Wish I could say there was a way to get the standard look/feel to continue forward, but that’s not going to happen (as of yet), so for now, make the above adjustment and you’ll be sure to see the postings and get all the savings.


The “Coupon Hubby”

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