4/1 Publix Trip (Savings 99.3%)

Glad I caught the tip from a TCH reader regarding the overage on Carefree items at Publix with the newly released Green Advantage flyer…made the day SO much sweeter:

I picked up:
2 IdahoSpuds Potato Boxes: FREE from Previously Posted Facebook coupon
1 Box Great Grains Cereal: FREE from Previously Posted Coupon contest
14 Ocean Spray Drinks: FREE from Ocean Spray BOGO coupon and BOGO promotion
2 (Dill) Triscuit: 2/$5 – [2] $1.00/1 Facebook printable coupons
8 Ragu: $2.59 – 4
2 Ritz muchables: BOGO $5.00 – $1.00/2 Ritz
12 Carefree Pantiliners $1.29 each: $2.00 coupon = $0.71 OVERAGE each

Add a $5/$50 coupon from Albertsons and the final looks like this:

Retail: $108.27
OOP: $0.84

Total Savings: 99.3%

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