Happy Independence Day

At some point I would ask that every single person take a moment to reflect on the freedoms that we have in this nation and the sacrifices made by millions so that those freedoms could be realized.  Independence didn’t come easy, and isn’t by any stretch of the imagination cheap.  It is one of the most valuable and sought after concepts that people dream about in countries where their cries are not heard, the needs not met, and their wishes never fulfilled.

Please take even 60 seconds to try to think what life would be like without the freedoms that we all take for granted so readily…

Cherish your family and friends today.  If you’re someone that believes in prayer, do so for our soldiers and emergency workers that volutarily put themselves in harms way, and lets all work together to make this nation better than it was when we got here…for our  children, and theirs after…

The “Coupon Hubby”


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