Contest: Cash AND Coupons (and a possible way around the filter)…


I read through your feedback on Facebook about whether I should make the prize cash or coupon inserts…and I REALLY liked the idea one TCH reader had suggested…why not BOTH?

I also have heard your pains about the now infamous “FACEBOOK FILTER” and the fact that only about 8-10% of you are getting Facebook posts anymore.  🙁

SO…I decided to handle BOTH with this contest…

If you have a Facebook account, join the newly created “The Coupon Hubby Group” to get your name added to “the hat” (and if you’re new to TCH site, names are actually drawn “old school” from my kid’s ‘Cat in the Hat’ hat…I am a kid at heart as many of you know.  (The link is also here:

You can get ANOTHER chance to win for EACH new person you bring to the coupon hubby site that refers you (make sure you have them post <your name> “sent me”).  

Starting Monday, I’ll start pushing postings to both the FB page as well as the GROUP page, note that the group will be done by “me” (Shawn) where obviously the TCH page will be by…you guessed it..”TCH”.

If you don’t have Facebook…don’t worry, I’ll have another contest soon enough.


Oh, and for the prizes – two winners, and two winners:

1st prize – Choose between either $50 cash or five coupon inserts in their entirety

2nd prize – Whichever the first prize winner didn’t select

Contest will run through Sunday night when I’ll announce the names drawn.

That’s it…




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