Nutri-Grain Bars: FREE (An upcoming matchup at Publix)


OK – here’s one that I’m sure will require some “raincheck notice” as these will surely go quickly (especially in true B1G1 locations)

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Cereal or Granola Bars, 7.4 to 10.4 oz, BOGO $3.59
Use B1G1 Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Fruit Crunch Bars WYB Nutri-Grain Bars, 8 or 16 ct, PUBLIX COUPON Publix Advantage Flyer, Big Game Savings (store)
PRICE: Both boxes FREE


Now…iHeartPublix indicates that the FruitCrunch bars ARE included in the upcoming promotion…so that would mean if you bought a Cereal Bar and a Fruit Crunch Bar box, the B1G1 promotion would make one free, and the GAV would make the Fuit Crunch box free.


And to sweeten the deal further…you can get a $1.00/3 PRINTABLE COUPON too…so if you buy 3 of each box and use 2 of the printable coupons, you’ll not only get 6 boxes for free, but also have $2.00 in overage.


Again, I’ll be checking in the AM to confirm that the Crunch is part of the B1G1 promotion, and obviously to put in a raincheck order for as many as they’ll let me…because they’ll be great free donations…




Thanks iHeartPublix


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    • kim on February 15, 2013 at 1:02 pm
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    the coupon expires today so we wouldnt be able to get a raincheck anyways right

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