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Got a note from a TCH reader asking if we would all head over and quickly vote for Addison.  Here’s his story below:

Hi! My name is Addison. I’m 9 years old, have a condition called Arthrogryposis and I desperately need a wheelchair mini-van for my family. My dad lost his job of 13 years due to the economy and we lost our home. He was unemployed for 6 months before he got a truck driving job. He is away for a month or more trying to get things better for us again. Now mom and I live at grandmas house until we can move near daddy. Mom only has daddy’s pick up truck to go anywhere and it is hard for her to load me, the groceries and the wheelchair in the truck, especially if its raining. If it is raining before we go, we do not take my wheel chair at all. Mom then has to carry me in, and I have to ride in the cart. Mom has no help with me, and I’m growing more every day. I can’t help her to get me in the tub; I need her to go to the bathroom, basically I need her all the time to do day to day stuff. My grandma and grandpa would like to help, but I am really heavy and they have a really hard time lifting me or carrying me where I need to go. Mom can’t work because of needing to be home to get me on the bus, get me off the bus, take me to the Dr’s appointments and therapy appointments. I am doing very well in school and have very nice friends and teachers. I want to have this van to make life easier on my mom and my family. Will you please help me?


Let’s take 20 seconds out of our day and see if we can pull together to help this boy and his family out…what do you say?  Share so we can spread the visibility – this is something we can ALL do and be proud of.

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  1. Boy do I understand, We also had 2 sons with MD
    So please let me know where I can send a check
    God Bless This Family

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