Tax Free Weekends for 2015




Be sure to take advantage of the tax free weekends in your area!

Here is the complete list of tax free weekends.

  • Alabama: Back-to-school sales tax holiday, August 7-9.
  • Arkansas: Back-to-school holiday, August 1-2.
  • Connecticut: August 16-22 Annual One-Week Sales and Use Tax Exclusion for Clothing and Footwear Costing Less Than $300
  • Florida: Back-to-school holiday, August 1-3.
  • Georgia: Back-to-school holiday, August 1-2
  • Iowa: Clothing and footwear, August 1-2.
  • Louisiana:  Back-to-school holiday, August 1-2
  • Maryland:Shop Maryland Tax Free Week, August 10-16.
  • Mississippi: clothing and footwear sales tax holiday, July 25-26
  • Missouri: Back-to-school holiday, August 1-3.
  • New Mexico: Gross receipts tax holiday for clothing and footwear, computers and school supplies, August 1-3.
  • Oklahoma: Clothing and footwear holiday in August 1-3.
  • South Carolina: Clothing and footwear, August 1-3.
  • Tennessee: Sales tax holiday for clothing, computers and school supplies, August 1-3.
  • Texas: Clothing and school supplies, August 8-10
  • Virginia: Clothing and school supplies, Ausugst 1-3

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