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1.) Coupon Craze – Why are you here?

I’m guessing that you’ve seen a commercial or a TV show, found a Facebook friend that showed off their “stock pile” or have a relative that is telling you unendingly that they are getting groceries for pennies on the dollar (or even better, getting PAID to shop) and you’ve decided to visit (maybe through skepticism which is understandable), “can I do something like that”?
I’m here to tell you YES YOU CAN!

But the shows say it takes hours and hours a day???

I am the underdog in this industry as I’m not what you’re seeing and reading about.  I’m not a stay-at-home Mom that has decided to take the couponing challenge, or the people you see on TV that say they spend 60+ hours a week couponing.  I work full-time (usually more like 50-55 hours a week) and have a beautiful wife and two wonderful children that I love to spend time with. I do photography as a “hobby”, am a Cub Scout Pack leader for my son’s troop, and try to attend church on a regular basis.  And when the gaps in my schedule afford me the ability to breathe, I try to work with my wife on her custom cake design endeavor.  In other words, I don’t have 60+ hours a week to dedicate to this whole “couponing thing”.  I needed to see if I could do amazing things on a very abbreviated schedule.  And I’m here to not only tell you that I have, I’m here to get you to where I am even FASTER!


My couponing consists of roughly an hour a night (my “wind down in front of the TV” time) and an extra 30 minutes twice a week to prepare for my shopping trips.  That’s it.  If you can dedicate 10 hours a week to making upwards of $5,000 a year, then please continue on as I try to get you to where I am as quickly as possible…
That said, let’s look at the most commonly asked question and our next topic:

2.) Coupon Collection – Where do you find them all?


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